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I am a collector of Manchester, Ohio stoneware. I acquired my first two pieces of Manchester pottery in 1992. One was a straight sided crock marked A. Means, Manchester, Ohio. The other was an ovoid sided wax sealer marked J. Parkes, Manchester, Ohio. Since then, my collection has grown to include crocks, jugs, bowls, pitchers and broken pottery shards marked: P & C, Manchester, Ohio; Parkes & Chamberlain, Manchester, Ohio; Parkes & Co., Manchester, O; Bates, Sibley & Co., Manchester, Ohio; Manchester Pottery Co., Manchester, Ohio; Weaver & Parkes, Manchester, Ohio; Weaver & Bradford, Manchester, Ohio; A.J. Weaver, Manchester, Ohio.

I created this site for the purpose of gathering and recording information on the numerous stoneware producing potteries that once flourished in Manchester, Ohio, and with hopes of enhancing my own collection. If you have any knowledge of historical relevance on these potteries you would like to share, or have any Manchester, Ohio stoneware you would like to sell, please contact me.

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