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Manchester Ohio Stoneware

From 1846 to 1912 Manchester, Ohio was home to two well-documented potteries. During this period several different potters worked from these locations. Thousands of pieces of salt-glazed stoneware pottery were produced at these sites, but only a small percentage of the pieces were marked with the potter’s name. These potteries produced numerous types of stoneware including: crocks, bowls, pitchers, jugs and jars. 

The earliest recorded pottery was established by John Parkes and Barney Chamberlain in May 1846. This pottery was located on the south-east corner of Fifth Street and Washington Street. Parkes and Chamberlain were partners for 22 years after which B. Chamberlain retired and J. Parkes became sole proprietor, operating under the name Parkes & Co. until the early 1880’s. 

Known marked pieces of stoneware from this pottery include: P & C; P & C, Manchester, Ohio; Parkes & Chamberlain, Manchester, Ohio; J. Parkes, Manchester, Ohio; J. Parkes, Manchester, O; Parkes & Co., Manchester, O.

By 1883 the building that once housed Parkes & Co. pottery was home to a new pottery firm by the name of Bates, Sibley & Co. Owners included: A.B. Bates, Charles Sibley, and John F. Tolle. By June 1885 this pottery was known as A.B. Bates & Co. In 1904 the pottery at this location was known as the Manchester Pottery Co., and by 1912 the pottery was closed.

Known marked pieces of stoneware from this pottery include: Bates, Sibley & Co., Manchester, Ohio; A.B. Bates & Co., Manchester, Ohio; Manchester Pottery Co., Manchester, Ohio.

Prior to 1870 Archibald Means established a pottery in Manchester on Front Street, overlooking the Ohio River, between Pike Street and Pearl Street. Means produced stoneware at this site for approximately 10 years. Known marked pieces of stoneware from this pottery were incised: A. Means, Manchester, Ohio. The building that housed this pottery still stands today. 

By 1883 Andrew Jackson Weaver and Charles C. Parkes, known as Weaver & Parkes, were producing stoneware in Manchester. The site of their pottery, although not documented, was most likely the A. Means site. Three years later Weaver & Parkes became Weaver & Bradford, and by 1890 A.J. Weaver was the sole owner. Some time prior to 1900 the Weaver pottery was closed.

Known marked pieces of stoneware from this pottery include: Weaver & Parkes, Manchester, Ohio; Weaver & Bradford, Manchester, Ohio; A.J. Weaver, Manchester, Ohio. 


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